Top 10 Home Improvement Projects That Can Boost Your Property’s Value

Top 10 Home Improvement Projects That Can Boost Your Property’s Value

Home improvements range from something as small as upgrading home appliances to a larger-scale project like remodeling your kitchen. When considering the return on your investment, smaller projects can vary and be worthwhile but at the end of the day, significant home repairs are certain to increase your value. 

While this blog explores the ten smartest home improvements to boost your property’s value, I am here to answer questions and guide you through prep and renovations to make it to the closing table.

1. Landscaping
The home's exterior is the first thing the homebuyer will see, which can make or break their decision. As a result, curb appeal is one of the first home improvements to focus on, especially when considering the ROI.

Start with the basics: trimming and mulching plants, weeding, mowing the lawn, and adding flowers to make everything presentable. Also, deep clean the outside by power washing your driveway, garden pathways, and other concrete surfaces.

2. Fresh Paint
A fresh coat of paint can significantly brighten things and bring life to your home. It creates a fresh living space and makes it appear larger, especially if you choose a neutral color palette or light-shade hues.

3. Replacing Lights
Changing the lights around your home is the least expensive upgrade that makes your home more attractive to potential buyers. It creates a well-lit atmosphere and showcases that the space is consistently maintained, which is highly attractive to homebuyers.

Adding light to dark corners of your home, such as staircases or corridors, will not only make the space look open but also eliminate the cramped and gloomy look. Remember to choose the right colors for overall aesthetic and ambiance. 

4. Kitchen Upgrades
Considering people spend a great deal of time in shared spaces like the kitchen, you can spruce it up with minor renovations and upgrades or opt for a complete remodel. Minor additions can include new cabinets, refreshes backsplashes and updated fixtures while major upgrades might look like new flooring or countertop replacement.

5. Storage Solutions
People love living in a home where everything remains organized, and spaces are clutter-free. The only way to achieve this is when you have a designated space to store all your items, and you’ll be surprised by how many homebuyers prefer that.

You can add unique storage solutions like multipurpose furniture, hanging cabinets, and built-in closets. You can convert unused spaces, nooks, or underneath the staircase to add functionality and practical storage to your home.

6. Finished Basement
Backed by NAR’s top 10 list of highly valuable home improvements, a finished basement is undoubtedly worth the cost. Not only does it create a livable space, but it also adds square footage by utilizing unused space. 

It is estimated that homeowners in the West South Central Region, including Texas, get around 80% ROI from finishing a basement, the second-highest-cost-redeeming home improvement project.

7. Energy-Efficiency
Whether using LED light bulbs, Energy Star-certified appliances, or smart thermostats, energy efficiency reduces utility bills and decreases carbon footprint. So, sustainability is an appealing quality for homebuyers. 

You can weatherstrip your home to ensure it’s properly insulated and use energy-efficient heating or cooling systems. Similarly, you can reduce water wastage by installing low-flow fixtures and promptly fixing leaks.

8. Bathroom Remodel
Considering bathrooms impact a homebuyer’s decision-making process, it’s undoubtedly one of the best home improvement investments. Focus on removing grime, dirt, water stains, or rust; these factors will repel buyers.

You can refresh the tile grout using a simple cleaning solution, a sturdy brush, and a good scrubbing. If your budget allows it, remodel the entire bathroom; this enables you to upgrade fixtures, tiling, and more.

9. Additional Square Footage
No one complains about more space; people want larger living areas. Adding square footage may be a hefty undertaking, but it has the potential to yield a good 70-80% return on your investment and impresses homebuyers.

Considering this is a big decision, ensure you know any city-mandated regulations, permissions, or zoning restrictions before hammering your walls. You can also ask one our trusted agents for advice on whether it’s worth the effort for your locality. 

10. Outdoor Living Space
You can start by creating a shameless transition between your outdoor and indoor spaces with a deck or expansive sliding doors, which will create the optical illusion of extended space. Plus, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, patios, etc., create inviting spaces for families.

When constructing your outdoor spaces, use durable materials to withstand changing weather conditions and prevent mishaps. For regions with high rainfall, use waterproof HDPE plastic sheets to clad the walls, roofing, or insulation. 


When you decide to sell your home, the property's overall condition can significantly affect its sale value, so frequent cleaning, general maintenance, and home improvements, where necessary, are crucial. So, if you plan on upgrading your home, the ten projects mentioned above are an excellent place to start. 

As you’re looking towards home improvements to boost your home’s property value, I am here to help. Reach out for personalized advice and insights tailored to your unique needs.

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