Pools, Splash Pads, & Waterparks to Help Keep Your Cool

Pools, Splash Pads, & Waterparks to Help Keep Your Cool

Summer is just around the corner and Texas is already heating up. To stay cool as the season changes, we have compiled a list of pools, splash pads, and waterparks that are guaranteed to make the weather bearable.

City of Austin Pools


Pools Outside of Austin


City of Austin Splash Pads

  • Bailey Splash Pad - 1201 W 33rd St
  • Bartholomew Splash Pad - 5201 Berkman Dr
  • Chestnut Splash Pad - 2205 E 16th St
  • Clarksville Splash Pad - 1811 W 11th St
  • Eastwoods Splash Pad - 3001 Harris Park Blvd
  • Liz Carpenter Splash Pad - 200 Dawson Rd
  • Lott Splash Pad - 1180 Curve St
  • Metz Splash Pad - 2407 Canterbury St
  • Ricky Guerrero Splash Pad - 1100 Brodie Street
  • Rosewood Splash Pad - 2300 Rosewood Ave
  • Pease Park - 1100 Kingsbury Street
  • For an exhaustive list of splash pads in the city of Austin, click here. 

Splash Pads Outise of Austin



There truly is no shortage of options for swimming and splashing around; from waterparks to community pools and family-friendly splash pads, there's something for everyone. So grab your swimsuit, pack a picnic, and head out to one of these great destinations for a fun day in the sun!

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